Summer in Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

(Photos by Linda Nguyen)


A long Memorial Day weekend with a sunny day was a good time for me to visit Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.







Peonies bloom in central Minnesota typically between the last week of May and the first two weeks of June, depending on the variety.



I visited Minnesota Landscape Arboretum for taking photos of peonies blooming, but only a few peonies blooming, there was a lot of peonies going to bloom next week.






I enjoyed the beautiful and peaceful scenery at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum with the water, trees, flowers.

I could hear the birds singing on the trees and smell the fragrance of lilacs filling the air.






































I took Three-Mile Drive in Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to take the photos.


After spending half of my day at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, I returned to my peaceful hometown.


Peonies in my back yard, there are more peonies going to bloom next week.



Photos by Linda Nguyen

Monday May 31, 2021



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